Body Of Esther López Was Found Leaves All The Hypotheses Open

Body Of Esther López Was Found Leaves All The Hypotheses Open

The disappearance of Esther López , the 35-year-old woman from Traspinedo (Valladolid) on January 12 culminated in the discovery, this Saturday, of her body in a wooded area next to the road that gives access to the town. But far from assuming a shelving for the matter, the circumstances of the discovery do nothing but open more unknowns about a case in which there are few certainties and many questions.

The place
From the first moment, the place where the body was found aroused the first doubts, since it was not excessively hidden. The body was near the road that goes to the municipality, about 3.5 kilometers from it, on the surface and in a visible place.

How did no one see it before? At this point the contradictory data begins, because on Saturday it was said that it was an area that had been combed during the search for the young woman, which gave rise to a first hypothesis: someone placed the body there shortly before its discovery.

But this Sunday, sources close to the investigation cited by the EFE Agency pointed instead to the fact that the place had not been beaten because it was a usual area of ​​passage for the residents of the town. However, the neighbors themselves assure that if the body had been there from the beginning it would have been seen before.

Dressed and without visible signs of violence
The first details of the body also shed no light: apparently, Esther López’s body was found wearing the same clothes she was wearing the night of her disappearance, including her coat. What’s more, according to El Confidencial , she also had her house keys and mobile phone with her.

This has led to another hypothesis, unthinkable until now: that Esther’s death was due to an accident , a fall or some sudden health problem, given that the body was very close to where she was last seen. , points out El Norte de Castilla .

This same medium, along with others, point to another important fact: the woman’s body did not show visible signs of violence , such as gunshot or stab wounds or any visible trauma. On the other hand, she did not seem, after a first inspection, to have the appearance of a body that had spent 20 days outdoors.

The Government points to the thesis of “violent death”
But this Sunday morning, the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, confirmed through a message on Twitter that Esther’s death was “violent”. “We must avoid speculations and reactions that can cause more damage,” Rosell wrote.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who was speaking this Sunday at a rally in León ahead of the elections in Castilla y León on the 13th, also pointed to the theory of violent death, since he literally said that the Forces and Corps of State Security “work so that this crime does not go unpunished and so that those who have perpetrated it end up where they have to end.”

More caution in Valladolid
Much more cautious has been the sub-delegate of the Government in Valladolid, Emilio Álvarez. After participating in the five minutes of silence that the municipality of Traspinedo has dedicated to her neighbor and in support of her family, he has insisted that all avenues are open.

“Nothing is ruled out, everything is speculation ,” said Álvarez, who has not confirmed whether the woman’s personal belongings were found next to her body, and who has insisted on the secrecy of the summary decreed by the investigating judge.

Álvarez has also not gone into the question of whether there was any type of monitoring of any of the suspects, such as the only detainee who was later released, the one known as ‘Manitas’, and has ruled out that there will be “in principle, some arrest shortly.

Thus, we will have to wait for two key data: one, the autopsy report that is carried out on the body this Sunday at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Valladolid and that is expected to give numerous answers to the questions raised, and two, the cameras that are in the La Maña restaurant , at the intersection of the N-122 to access the road to Traspinedo, where Esther’s body was found and which, according to Emilio Álvarez, “will help to clarify the case.”

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