You Can Request Unemployment Without Need For An Appointment In Office

You Can Request Unemployment Without Need For An Appointment In Office

The growing difficulties when requesting an appointment at the SEPE (Public State Employment Service) offices make carrying out procedures electronically increasingly attractive for people who need the approval of their unemployment benefits. Especially in the most requested of them, unemployment or contributory unemployment benefit.

SEPE itself has explained in its profile on the social network Twitter that there is a quick and easy way to request these unemployment benefits: through a pre-application form available at the Agency’s Electronic Headquarters and that does not require access with digital certificate ( you can get it in four simple steps ) or Cl@ve ( so you can register to obtain a Cl@ve PIN or permanent ).

Thus, the user will simply need an Internet connection on a device to access the SEPE website, where from this link they can start the pre-application process to request payment of unemployment benefits.

The first step is to enter the DNI or NIE on the home screen, choosing the corresponding option. In this case it is ‘ Pre-request for individual benefit ‘. With this option selected, you can click on ‘Start procedure’.

At that moment, the application itself will be displayed. The SEPE explains that it is only convenient to fill it out if the benefit has not been requested by any other method. The applicant is also reminded that in order to receive unemployment benefit it is essential to be registered as a jobseeker .

In this part of the process you have to select the corresponding sub-process, which in this case is ‘ Contributory benefit ‘.

Then you must fill in the rest of the sections correctly: name, surnames, expiration date of the DNI or NIE, name of the father and mother, direct debit number, address information (street, municipality, province, postal code), phone number and email.

In addition, if there are spouses with children in common or children under 26 years of age or older with a disability of at least 33%, their data must be attached, in this second case in the ‘ Add new child ‘ section. The system also enables you the option of writing observations in the section with the same name.

Afterwards, you will only have to enter the characters that appear in the verification request and click on ‘ Submit request ‘. With this, the process will have been carried out correctly, although the SEPE guarantees the right to request additional information. At the end of the process you will receive an ‘acknowledgment of receipt’ with which you can prove that the request was sent and subsequently check its status.

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