Rebellion in the College of Public Works to dismiss its president

Rebellion in the College of Public Works to dismiss its president

The war that is being waged within the College of Technical Engineers of Public Works of Spain (Citop) has led more than half of the deans of the institution’s area to demand the resignation of the current Permanent Commission with its president, Carlos Owners, in the lead.

A total of 11 of the 21 deans of the territorial area have signed a document in which they demand the dismissal of the current leadership on the grounds that it lacks legitimacy and the appointment of Javier Manteca and his team, winners of the elections held on 15 July 2021, in front of the College.

The members of the team that currently manages the College were appointed in January 2017
The deans demand “the cessation of the irregular use of Council positions”, as well as “the resignation of the members of the Permanent Commission” of the institution.

The members of the team that currently manages the Association were appointed in January 2017 and have widely exceeded the time limits of their mandate, despite which ” they continue to perpetuate themselves under the false premise of exercising their positions in office,” denounce the signatories, who they remember that the College’s accounts have not been approved in five years and its “interference” in the electoral processes. The signatories request that the inauguration of the candidacy headed by Manteca be recognized immediately, on July 15, before the General Electoral Board.

The dispute dates back to June 28, 2021, when the College management challenged Manteca’s candidacy for not including 40% women , although, in his opinion, it is not clear that the Equality Law is enforceable in some college elections.

The Electoral Board rejected the challenge and decided to continue with the elections, but Dueñas’ candidacy withdrew and the management canceled the process, suspending the members of the electoral administration, against the General Regulations of the College. But the electoral body declared the only candidate the winner. The inauguration, however, did not become effective, since the leadership invalidated the elections and even changed the lock on the headquarters.

three choices
The deans’ complaint comes after the internal elections were annulled on January 21 , for the third time in seven months, and after the institution’s Electoral Board accused the current acting leadership of interfering in the cleanliness of the process.

The signatories are the deans of the Citop of Alicante, Western and Eastern Andalusia, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Western and Eastern Castilla y León, Murcia and Tenerife, all of them members of the College Council.

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