Unique Facebook post from a veterinary clinic in Spain

According to a Facebook post from a veterinary clinic in Spain, 7 years ago, veterinarian Ellen Sobry had a unique and memorable patient. A greyhound dog that was found by her friend Liano Powell wandering near a market looking for food, but worst of all the dog had a broken leg.

Liane immediately took her to the clinic where she was medicated and put a plaster on her leg, but it doesn’t stop there, the vet noticed that Vera, as she was baptized by the women, was producing milk, that is, there were puppies missing their mother. , but where they were it was almost impossible to find out, if it weren’t for Vera’s intelligence and maternal love, the survival of the brood would be threatened.

So Liane and the vet had an idea, drop her on the street and follow her, to see if they could find the puppies, the dog started to walk determined, drawing the attention of the women, who were afraid that Vera wouldn’t trust her enough. in them.

But both were wrong, the puppy walked for 3 km until arriving at a house that had an abandoned car, and inside the dog: surprise! 10 puppies excited and missing their mom.

“She took us to them, it was amazing, I couldn’t believe what I saw. That dog didn’t know us, we only met her an hour before, so it was really amazing how she decided to trust us and show us where they were,” the vet told The Daily Mail.

Watch the touching video of the moment the puppy shows the way to find her puppies:

Thanks to the effort and dedication of Ellen and Liane, everyone was adopted, including Vera, who regained her weight and is happier and safer than ever, as well as her puppies, who received loving homes, as everyone deserves.

The dog is inside a car with the puppies.
The dog is inside a car with the puppies. (Photo: Playback/ Facebook Clinivet Turre)
Italian Greyhounds are docile, agile and quick-witted dogs, very attached to their family and not noisy. It’s amazing what Vera did, even without seeking help for her leg problem, she managed to return to the place where she left her litter.

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